Kick Shins Barn Dance Band


Reading, Berkshire based band

Kick Shins has been performing for many years.  We have played for almost any type of social event you can think of: birthday, wedding, anniversary, general social.  We have played for BBC Radio Berkshire live at the Newbury County Show.  You can find out all about our musicians, history and the type of music we play by looking at the rest of this site.  We are based in Reading, Berkshire but have played at gigs from London to Gloucester and Derby to Southampton, as well as in Normandy, France and Moissac, France.

Our roots are in English folk music - we originally grew out of Berkshire Bedlam Morris.  From those early days we have developed a far more driving and rocky style.

See us before you book?


See us on video

Have a look at the videos under the Kick Shins video section.  As most of our bookings are private functions it's not always easy to invite you to see us.  Check the commendations section to see what other people think.  You will see various lineups in the videos and photos.  Our core lineup is fiddle, melodeon, keyboard and drums.  The fiddle provides the melody with the melodeon doing the same.  Because the two instruments have a very different tone this adds some drive to the melody.  Occasionally the melodeon is set up with different reeds in use, giving a more earthy sound so that both lead instruments can be distinctly heard.  The keyboard provides both a strong bass line and a mid range harmony.  The drums are played much in the style of Dave Mattacks, with sympathy for our folk roots, but with a lot of drive and energy.  All in all it's a powerful sound that will make you want to dance.

What is a barn dance or celidh?


Barn dance description

There are many theories on the difference between a barn dance and ceilidh.  A description of the dances, the formations, steps and the music can be found on our Barn Dance information page.