Our style has changed a lot over the years.  We started out as an acoustic band, then added some percussion.  We now always play with a much more rocky line-up, backed up with drums and keyboard.  The recordings here reflect the early years.  Some of the music is dance tunes that we now play in a more up-tempo style.  The others are more complex arrangements.  For a better idea of today's sound take a look at the video section.

We have recorded three albums. Click on left hand links for details and to play. The first was called Kick Shins in Santa Rosa, named after the meeting room in the old HP office in Winnersh where we did the recording (now a Sainsbury's supermarket). We recorded in one take onto a 4-track reel to reel and mastered onto cassette. I have since re-mastered the original recording onto CD.

The second, Lunch with Sweeney Todd, was recorded at a studio in Reading. During the lunch break we went to Sweeney & Todd restaurant nearby - hence the name of the album. We released this originally on cassette, but held the DAT master and so were easily able to make CDs later.

The last (so far) is called Dkyk Shynski - pronounced d'kick'shinski. It is a made up name, of course. The idea came from the eastern sound of one of the tunes, so we just corrupted the band name into an eastern sound.

Album notes from all three are in the following pages plus an MP3 version of each of the tracks.

If you would like to order an album or individual track downloads in MP3 or higher resolution, please contact us.